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Why use POE?

PoE is a standards body approved technology that has been around for quite some time. It safely allows electrical power and data to transmit concurrently on a single twisted-pair cable (Category 5e or above). Over the last 14 years, several standards bodies now provide for 15.4 W (PoE), 25.5 W (PoE+), 60 W (PoE+), and soon 100 W (PoE++). Many technologies today are using PoE to power devices. Connecting new devices to the network is as simple as plugging them into an RJ45 jack. Some examples of PoE-enabled devices are Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, Wireless Access Points (WAP), and security devices.

The advantage of PoE Lighting

  • Lower Costs

    High-efficiency UniFi LED panels save energy cost and lower building maintenance expenses

  • Flexible Deployment

    PoE-powered AT model and innovative daisy-chained AC model for new buildings and retrofits

  • Certified Safety and Performance

    UniFi LED panels are NRTL listed. The AC powered models are also DLC certified and are eligible for government/utility rebates

  • Smart Lighting Controls

    Web and mobile app managed smart lighting integrates with UniFi Enterprise product family

The advantage of PoE network

  • Powers devices on the same network used for data communications

  • Easier network management

  • Higher reliability

  • Easier installation

  • Uses smart power technologies

  • Higher power transfer efficiency

  • Cost effective installation

  • Uses DC power

  • Ability to perform power/energy management

Why choose PoE LED lights ?